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See Stonehenge built circa 3000BC from the air, then take a look at the WW2 practice bombing ranges, used by many of the fighters and bombers during World War II. - You will be able to see where they tested the Barnes Wallis Bouncing Bomb, the Tall Boy, and the Grand Slam (aka the Earthquake Bomb, it remains the largest ever live explosion tested in the UK) also have a look at the Cold War nuclear warhead stores, a fantastic flight for anyone.

Stearman - Stonehenge, WW2 Bombing, Cold War Nuclear

  • Span 5000 years of history, from 3000BC Stonehenge to 1950 Cold War. All sat in the fantastic Boeing Stearman.

    The Experience flights are operated by DH Heritage Flights Limited based at Compton Abbas Airfield.