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Ground Crew Chief

Bob has his own Chipmunk aircraft hangared at Compton and flies as often as possible. When Bob is not helping out with DH Flights, he is driving and maintaining classic cars especially his MG.



Harry is an Instructor here at Compton Abbas Airfield. New to the team, and easy to spot as he's the young good-looking version of the other old duffers that fly up here. Sorry ladies he's already taken.



Gordon owns the Stinson Gullwing based here. Working with Classic Bikes during the week and flying Vintage aircraft at the weekends. Another old duffer, loves flying and riding bikes. What else is there?


Ground Crew

One of the longest serving members of the DH team, Alan has helped out with passengers and aircraft for many years. He also has a Pilots licence and flies regularly from the airfield, we hope to see him often again this year.


Ground Crew

Victoria owns a Citabria and learnt to fly here at Compton Abbas. She loves fast cars and fast bikes as well. One of our Ground Crew she'll look after you to make sure you are safe and happy during your visit.


Ground Crew

Robin has joined us this year as new boy on the Ground Crew team. He passed his initiation, although he'll never look at custard the same way again! We welcome him aboard, and look forward to his help


Ground Crew

Penny comes back again this year to help us out with some of the busy days. A much valued member of our team she will look after you with care and make sure you have a great day. Photo follows.


Ground Crew

Rita has also spent many years helping out on the DH team, she is a great help in the office and very practiced at keeping the operation running smoothly. We look forward to having her help and support again.


Ground Crew

John has just recently gained his Pilots licence here at Compton Abbas. As one the the Ground Crew he will take care of you and ensure you have a great flight and enjoy your day with us at the airfield.


Ground Crew

Julie is a regular on the Ground Crew, an old hat at this, from having spent some time in the air looking after passengers. She knows how to keep you safe and relaxed, it's great to have her on the team this year.



Tim has been flying for years, owns a Tiger Moth and a Chipmunk here at the airfield. One of the older duffers he'll help you enjoy your flight. Flying the DH Chipmunk with passengers at the weekend is a bonus!



Charlie is one of the part-time Instructors here at the airfield, he owns a bi-plane and often flies it here for tea/cake and fuel. Very experienced in all things flying he can be very useful for tricky questions!